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I love teaching as much as I love making. It is such a great pleasure to share my joy in creating and love of different media with others  in a variety of ways. I utilize a wide range of venues and formats to present everything from one night creative nights out with wine and cheese to in depth workshops and even internationally renowned conferences. In everything I teach, I strive to inspire and ignite the creative spark within each individual, as well as imparting tried and true techniques for achieving their creative vision.

I teach anywhere and everywhere, from individual's homes to major conferences and art centers. If you have an interest in any of the classes, workshops, or events I offer, feel free to contact me at

Metal Clay Classes, Workshops and Certification

Precious Metal Clay, also known as PMC, Art Clay Silver, Metal Clay, etc., is made up of particles of precious metal held together with water and an organic binder. After a metal clay object has been fired with a torch or in a kiln, the water is eliminated and the binder is burned away. What is left is the pure, precious metal. Originally produced in gold and silver forms, it is now available in copper, bronze and stainless steel.

Metal clay allows you extraordinary creativity because it can be formed into nearly any shape you desire. It can be molded, shaped by hand, cut, extruded via syringe, painted onto a form, and more. It can be embedded with certain natural and synthetic gemstones and glass that can be fired in place. Additionally, settings can be created for gems and other stones that cannot withstand the heat needed to fire the metal clay and need to be set after firing. No matter what your level of expertise and confidence, you will be amazed at what you can create with this exciting and wonderful medium.

Art Clay Level one Certification - Three Days - $750

In order to become a certified instructor, you must successfully complete the Level One Certification course. This course is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of Art Clay. The curriculum consists of seven different projects and covers a wide variety of techniques. Some of the techniques include use of organic forms, creating flat and round-shank rings, addition and firing of gemstones, creating a mirror finish, and much more. This course provides general and technical information, as well as some helpful teaching guidelines.

Upon successful completion of this course, you are entitled to:

  1. 35% discount on Art Clay Silver Series products
  2. Teach Art Clay Introductory classes
  3. Take the Senior Level Certification Course

I limit the class size to four students to ensure I can give everyone ample one-on-one attention. 

I will provide all the tools and equipment necessary for the projects. The registration fee includes the use of tools, equipment as well as a kit of consumable materials such as Art Clay Silver. The fee also includes an instruction book that will be yours to keep.

Elegant Cuffs in EZ960 Sterling Silver Metal Clay

Special Craft Cast Live Webinar December 7, 2016 8 p.m. eastern time.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new developments in metal clay, EZ960 is an open shelf fired alloy of 96 percent silver and 4 percent copper. This clay combines the wonderful working properties and ease of firing of fine silver clay with the considerable added strength of sterling silver. Because of the strength and work-ability of this fantastic new clay, you can create strong and durable cuffs which can be fired flat and then shaped post firing. This allows you incredible artistic freedom in creating your cuff design. During this workshop, Lisel will instruct you in the best working and firing practices for this clay, as well as post firing finishing and forming. She will cover stone setting, forming and joining, using embeddables and more. From elegant, art nouveau style designs to classic, simple forms to everything in between, you will be able to create a cuff that is true to your aesthetic vision. 

Adjustable Wrap Rings in EZ960 Sterling Silver Metal Clay

Using the new EZ960 sterling silver clay allows you to create intricate ring designs which can be fired flat and then formed around a mandrel post firing. This removes the concerns over finished sizing, and is a much easier process than working on the mandrel. Because these rings wrap around the finger, they can be adjusted as needed to accommodate for swollen fingers, etc. The rings can wrap around once or several times for simple to elaborate designs. During the workshop, Lisel will instruct you in the best working and firing practices for the EZ960 clay, as well as post firing finishing and forming. She will cover stone setting, the use of embeddables and sizing considerations as she demonstrates her unique methods for forming her ring designs. Because of the ease of construction, you will be able to create several pieces to explore different design possibilities.

(Note: The above two classes can also be taught together in a two day format)

Art Nouveau Designs in Metal Clay

The Art Nouveau movement is noted for its appreciation of nature and fluid and flowing lines, making it a natural style for Metal Clay. During this workshop, Lis-el will teach you a variety of techniques for combining stones and glass with coils of metal clay to create elegant forms in this wonderful style. We will discuss the art nouveau aesthetic and go over many examples of finished designs. You will then be shown how to create a strong bezel for a large faceted gemstone, and then how to create elegant tapered coils to combine with the bezel set stone to complete your design. Proper joining of elements for a strong finished piece will be covered as well as how to refine your designs using brush and water. The finished focal can be combined with chain to create a beautiful necklace. 

I am currently scheduled to teach this class at:

Bead and Button in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2016
Beadfest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2016
Metal Clay Artist Symposium in Winston Salem, NC, September 2016

Romancing the Stone

Metal clay is an exciting medium that is perfect for creating romantic, delicate and organic designs. During this workshop, you will learn the best ways to create bezels for fireable faceted stones. You will then create your own unique, romantic design using tendrils, coils, balls, leaves and other embellishments, all created from the metal clay. You will be shown how to join these diverse elements to create a beautiful finished piece. Pieces will be fired and finished as part of the workshop.

I am currently scheduled to teach this class at:

Bead and Button in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2016
Beadfest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2016


Masks and Faces in Metal Clay

Working with polymer clay and a few simple tools, I will show you an easy and effective way to sculpt your own unique faces. You can make your faces as abstract and stylized or realistic as you desire. Once complete, these polymer faces can be used as draping molds for dramatic designs in metal clay. You can also create a mold of the original polymer sculpture to use as a press mold. I will then demonstrate a variety of ways to work with the unique, one of a kind, faces you have created.

I am currently scheduled to teach this class at:

Beadfest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2016
Metal Clay Artist Symposium in Winston Salem, NC, September 2016


Metal Clay 101

Explore the unlimited potential of Precious Metal Clay during this exciting and in depth workshop while you create unique, one of a kind, wearable art. This program is designed to give you hands on experience in basic techniques for working with metal clay. You will learn what metal clay is, the different forms it comes in and how to best care for, work with and store it. An extensive overview of tools and equipment will be provided. You will be shown best practices for working with the clay, including rolling, texturing, cutting, shaping, coiling, layering, drilling and embellishing. Use of scratch foam to create your own artwork for texturing the clay will also be demonstrated.

Once you create your unique pieces, you will be shown how to sand, refine and further embellish them. Then they will be fired. Additionally, post firing finishing will be covered, including brushing, polishing, tumbling and adding patina if you so desire.

This is usually taught as a one day workshop, from 10-5 with a short lunch break., though the class can be customized as well.

I am not currently scheduled to teach metal clay 101, but my daughter, Alexis is teaching at Heart and Stone in Northborough, Massachusetts on the following dates in Fall of 2016.

September 3, October 1 and October 22, 10-5

Metal Clay Rings


Creating rings in metal clay opens the door to all kinds of creative potential. During this class you will be taught how to work on a mandrel and allow for shrinkage to be sure your rings will be the right size. You will be shown several types of ring possibilities from which you can choose to create your own unique design. Pieces will be fired and completed during class. During firing advanced techniques will be demonstrated.

Some experience with metal clay is a prerequisite for this class, which is taught as a one day workshop.

April 23 at Thistle Beads in Niantic, CT

Fire and Ice

Glass comes in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. It is a wonderful media to mix with metal clay because it can be fired in place. This means you can create your design in one step, without having to solder bezels or set stones after firing. There are also many other options for firing stones in place, including cubic zirconias and some natural gemstones including labradorite and moonstone.

This particular workshop can be taught in a variety of formats.

One day workshop - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  

During this workshop, you will be shown a variety of techniques for setting fireable stones and glass into metal clay. I will have many options for you to choose from to create your own designs, and you are also welcome to bring your own. 

Two or More days - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

In this format, we will begin with a basic fused glass class. I will provide an extensive palette of clear, colored and dichroic glass for you to choose from to create your own unique glass cabochons. While the glass is firing, I will demonstrate utilizing vintage and or colored glass in various ways with metal clay. Once the cabochons are fired and cooled, I will then show you a variety of ways to set them into metal clay, including cab surrounds, embrace settings, and a more traditional, bezel type of setting. 

The more days we schedule for this workshop, the more techniques I can share with you, including setting faceted czs and natural stone cabochons.

I am scheduled to teach this class at Beadfest in Philadelphia in August 2016. 

Hollow Forms in Metal Clay

During this workshop you will be shown how to create a variety of hollow forms and beads including lentils and tube beads. Basic skills learned during this class will include drying and forming clay over molds, bonding pieces together to create hollow forms, forming clay over other media, and creating seamless forms. Previous experience with metal clay is helpful but not required for this one day workshop.